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Established in 2012, Goodie started off as a concept between two friends that wanted to do something different­. A lifestyle brand that can sit in between the gap of streetwear and contemporary fashion, while delivering quality goods that is both unique and affordable. Goodie was founded by Timothy DeLaGhetto and Ricky Shucks, two best friends and actors from Paramount, California. In the midst of so many clothing lines constantly seeking validation by hype and exclusivity. Tim and Rick just wanted to build upon authenticity and make clothes for any and everybody. "We wanted to create something that would resonate with people from all spectrums of individuality". Goodie is about embracing who you are and not caring about what label or judgements society may put on you­. It's about being free of social norms and expectations and just living. Be yourself! Do what you like! And make you own lane! We hope to represent that in each piece of clothing released. No trends, no rules, just quality garments.