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Goodie Brand is finally back!

Not gonna lie, it has not been easy trying to get Goodie off the ground. Those of you who have been following the instagram, probably noticed that we came and left a few times. The past couple years have been spent basically starting all over again without any help from anyone and no idea what we were doing.

What you may not know, is that we ran into some legal trouble with another company that was trying to say we stole their name. They hit us with the “cease and desist” order and all that. As you can imagine, this delayed our process a bit. Don’t worry though, we lawyered up, handled our business like men, and kindly told them “FOH!!!” Long story short, we are back in business and ready to supply you all with quality goods to keep you looking fly in these streets.

We took this last year to really get into the fundamentals of running a clothing line and just studied the game on how to build in this business. Wmade a million mistakes on the way here, but that's what it's about when you're chasing a dream. Every obstacle is an opportunity to learn and get better. While we are so far from figuring it out, the most important part having you our supporters. Of course, we wanted to will deliver streetwear staples such as printed tees, fleeces, headwear, accessories etc. Our personal goal for the relaunch was to implement a cut & sew program. We spent countless hours DTLA sourcing fabric. We sampled for half a year trying to get the fittings correct. We really gotta thank Shaun Samson from Samson Studios for guiding us, cutting our patterns, and turning our lil ideas/sketches into tangible goods. We can't even begin to tell you how many errors we ran into during this entire process, but here we are and every ounce of our energy was worth it.


Goodie is all about being true to yourself and expressing who you are however you want. Our clothes are everybody and anybodyThere is no label, no typecast, and no exclusivity. How you choose to style our pieces is the best way to wear it. We aren't here to be in any lane or have a specific direction in fashion. We just wanna make dope sh!t that we hope people can enjoy. Thank you all for your continuous support. We truly appreciate everybody who stuck by us in this long journey. We Back for GOOD.


- Goodie Team

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